Nanoplasty-Keratin Treatments

Here at Judena Hair, we satisfy our customers by giving them their desired results. We continuously work to improve our service and to keep our customers happy. We have been working with Nanoplasty-Keratin Treatments it is an extraordinary product that will surely make you think to give your hair a brand new look. We are so inspired with this new innovative brand.

What is Nanoplasty-Keratin?

Nanoplasty (Nanopastia, Nonoplastica) is a superior hair smoothing and restoring system designed to replace keratin systems with toxic and harsh chemicals like formaldehyde & its derivatives thats are harmful to professionals and customers. Our Nanoplasty straightens & restores your hair during application by utilising it’s 100% vegan-friendly formula.

How does Nanoplasty work?

Floractive’s Nanoplasty is a revolutionary technology that utilises Nanoparticles in tandem with Intracellular Nutrition to straighten hair without damage. Compared with conventional keratin systems, our Nanoparticles are approx x750 smaller, this allows the nutrients to penetrate deeper into the hair fibre and treat the hair without opening the Cuticle. Therefore, disregarding the need for an anti-residue shampoo, making it a fast & effective one-step system.

The formula contains Essential Organic Acids + Hydrolysed Vegetable Keratin that includes our exclusive Ozone Protein, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Linseed Oil, Ascorbic Acid, Acetic Acid and Lactic Acid to increase the hydration that aids in reconstructing the fibre and promotes regrowth without damaging the hair. Its natural agents are organically sourced, making this product Vegan!

Is it safe?

With the absence of Formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals making this product safe. In addition, it is excellent for individuals who have allergy problems and can’t use any harsh chemicals but at the same time wants to straighten their hair.

Nanoplasty is the solution to all their problems, and as a bonus, you don’t have to bear the intense smell of Formaldehyde during the procedure. If you are concirned with the procedure, please consult your Doctor.

Benefits of Nanoplasty

  • Long lasting straight hair up to 8 months
  • High Impact Gloss
  • Soft & Silky Hair
  • Eliminates 100% frizz!
  • Hydration and deep Nutrition
  • Hair fibre restoration
  • Sealed cuticles with high shinning effect
  • Fast and quick application procedure
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruetly Free
  • Outstanding results

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