Hair Extentions

Do you want more volume or length for your hair? Do you want to change up your hair colour or try a new hairstyle? Whether you have wavy or straight hair, our hair extension services here at Judena Hair are the solution. Many people still think that hair extension are only about making their hair longer, but hair extensions are much more versatile than that.

At Judena Hair North Bondi, we take pride in the high quality of our products and service. That is why when it comes to our hair extensions, we use the best top-of-the-range hair extensions—known in the industry for their excellent quality.

We offer various methods and ranges for every hair type, our hair extension specialists at Judena Hair can advise you on the best type of extensions for your hair.

Hair extensions are perfect not just for adding length, they are equally effective in creating Volume for short, modern hairstyles. With lengths as short as 20cm you can create asymmetrical hairstyles or a fringe. The 30cm pieces are very popular with long bobs and shoulder-length hairstyles. While the most popular length is 40cm for beautifully thick, striking long locks without the years and years of patiently waiting for it to grow. Longer lengths of 55cm are also available.

With our quality hair extensions you can also be assured of fade-free colour which is available in 60 shades from the lightest blondes to the darkest browns, along with balayage effects, these are great for adding highlights to the hair without the need to bleach, chemicals or damage the hair. They can. Also, create lowlights and ombre

The many tones and shades offered in the ranges ensure that our team at Judena Hair will be able to blend your chosen hair extensions with your own hair so well that even your friends will not be able to tell.

What to do next?
Make a time for a complimentary 10 min consultation with one of our Extension specialists, have a look at various lengths, colours and go over all the options for your extensions.
The hair then gets ordered and you come back in for your application appointment.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions xx

Brands we use

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions
Priscilla Vallas Hair Extentions

A premium quality hair extension brand that provides high-quality hair for every budget. The hair is made for professional hairstylists and hair extension lovers everywhere, the salon-quality extensions come in over 100 colours, multiple lengths, textures, and curl patterns. With 15 hair extension collections from ready-to-wear clip-ins, ponytails, and u-part wigs to professional tape-ins, hand-tied wefts, and more.

Today, Glam Seamless has grown into 15 different hair extension collections for pros and extension wearers alike. Our extensions are feeling all of the love because they’re used by top celebrity hair extension stylists like Chris Appleton, Priscilla Valles, and David Lopez and are frequently mentioned in media outlets like Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Today Show, and more.

Keratin Fusion Bond Extentions

Judena Hair Dresser North Bondi Priscilla Valles Keratin Bond Extensions


Keratin Hair Extensions allow the freedom to pair colours for a truly customized colour blend.
These are the most invisible, discreet, and comfortable extensions to wear!


The Priscilla Valles Keratin Bond Extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair and are luxuriously thick from root to tip. These individual extensions are comfortable and discreet and blend beautifully with every hair type. They’re available in 3 lengths, 2 textures, and over 20 colour options—giving you the freedom and flexibility to customize your look.

Keratin Fusion Extensions feature 0.25 inch (0.5cm) wide keratin bonds that can be cut to any size.

Judena Hair Priscilla Valles Keratin Bond Extensions Keratin Bonds
Judena Hair Priscilla Valles Keratin Bond Extensions 


Glam Seamless offers the MOST choices of tape-in hair extensions! With 6 different length options and over 60 different colours in 100% Remy human hair, there are thousands of possible combinations!


A Halo is a single weft that can be installed using an invisible wire that goes around the top of your head and is secured using clips into the back of your hair. Once attached, the wire is completely invisible and the hair hangs comfortably.

Judena Hair Halo Extentions
Judena Hair Priscilla Valles Keratin Bond Extensions Clip-In


Glam Seamless x Priscilla Valles Luxe Clip-Ins are one of the most invisible clip-ins on the market. The clip wefts are thin, lay flat to the head, and offer more hair per pack giving you a glamorous head of hair in an instant.