Have you always longed for healthier hair but can’t seem to increase your hair growth between trims? Well, then you mustn’t have heard of the latest product on the market that will encourage increase hair growth, grow thicker hair, and help grow your hair faster.
Kerastase Extentioniste is the latest range of products on the market that promise to increase hair growth for women within months. This range of products works from the scalp to the tips of your hair to promote faster hair growth. You should see results within the first month with an average of 78% less split ends and 99% less breakage!
The Kerastase Extentioniste range targets all areas of the hair to make sure your locks are healthy and shiny from root to tip by reinforcing and sealing your hair. The range offers a variety of products depending on your needs.
The ends of the hair are often a problem area for most. Kerastase Extentioniste will treat your hair where it matters most, to make your ends fuller and stronger to encourage growth as well as a healthy appearance.
If you suffer from oily or dry hair, there are also a range of products to suit to stabilise the symptoms to make sure your hair is always looking and feeling at its best.
So if you would like to experience how the Kerastase Extentioniste range can work for you, please contact us at Judena Hair 9365 6104 to book your personalised treatment and to find out the best way these products can work for you.