Perhaps you like your cut but your colour? Not so much. Whether you’ve found a few grey hairs sprouting up or simply want a subtle or drastic change, Judena Hair has just what you’re looking for!

At our hair colour salon, our specialists will listen to your desires while making assessments on your skin tone, eye colour, and face shape to find the perfect colour hair for you. One thing our hair colour hairdressers offer you is complete honesty. We want you to fall in love with the way you look, but if we feel a certain colour or style just isn’t a go for you, we’re going to tell you.

So many women see styles on Pinterest and Instagram. While these colours are definitely intriguing, they take a lot of work for you to maintain. The more intricate the workings, the more you’ll notice on our hair colour price list. By all means, if there are styles you like, show us and if they will work on you, we are happy to give you the look you want. You may decide though that with all that work and maintenance, it might be best to go for one of our simpler looks that are much easier for you to maintain.

Has it been a while since you’ve done a colour change? Call us today and let’s talk. We would love to meet with you for a 10-minute colour consultation for our hair colour offers with one of our expert specialists. It’s a complimentary consultation where you can tell us what you’re thinking of and let our expert colourists help you decide what is best based on your hair’s unique needs, the desired result, how many sessions are required, which services you’ll need, and a price quote. We’ll also tell you how to care for your hair at home so you will enjoy that colour for as long as possible.

During your consultation, our stylists will show you examples and photos of hair colour that is right for you. You can also show our hair colour salon any ideas you dream of for your hair to see if it’s possible.

It’s important for us to have this little chat, for we must know what previous colours and procedures your hair has been through. Our hair colour hairdresser will analyse your hair ad see what dyes will suit you best depending on heat styling, swimming, and other lifestyle factors. Then we’ll tailor our procedure to your needs for a one-of-a-kind hair colour from L’Oréal Professional that makes you look spectacular. We also use ammonia-free hair colour for your hair’s best health.

Book your consultation with Judena Hair online today or call us at 93656104.